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Commit to self -improvement and forming better habits...

Jennifer Oechsner


Hello friends ☺️
To help people embrace their best self, I am leading a 30 Days to Healthy Living Group and would love to have you jump on board or spread the word! Do you or anyone you know looking to have more energy, sleep better, reduce bodily pain, or lose weight?

The 30 Days program is a simple wellness plan and will deliver everything you need to reboot your system in a way that is healthy and safe. It is about detoxing on a cellular level to eliminate ‘addictive’ and allergenic foods, beverages and ingredients and eat WHOLE, REAL, UNPROCESSED FOODS to increase nutrient intake and help you look and feel great from the inside-out.  

With daily emails, recipes, and group support, we will follow an eating regimen which eliminates the most toxic and sensitivity-causing foods and beverages, we will use a combination of Arbonne's 100% gluten-free, vegan certified nutrition!

Arbonne has an awesome deal on nutrition right now! It’s the Arbonne Essentials ASVP with free Prepwork Gel Eye Masks and free shipping! Normally it would be $444 for all of this but with PC discount ($29), it’s just $266.40! This equal to less than $10 a day (that is a coffee and muffin at Starbucks!).

Call me and let’s get yours ordered before it’s gone! Please refer any friends or family who really are looking to feel healthier in 2019! They will forever thank you! AND theres strength in numbers. Committing with a friend or loved one increases your chances of success!

Who wants to add to this commitment to health and jump on board with me for a pushup challenge? Im committing to doing 100 per day for 30 days! New to pushups? Start with 10, 25 or 50. I do mine in sets of 10 and vary the type of pushups. Spme i have to do on my knees but that's ok! Ill get there. Forming one new healthy habit can be a catalyst for adopting many more (more on this later). Need suggestions on types of push ups? Let me know and i would be happy to send you some ideas! Lets do this together!