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Arbonne Health & Beauty

As a holistic health and fitness professional I embrace wellness from all angles. This includes being selective about the products I use on my skin and dietary supplements I ingest. There are so many harmful ingredients in some of these types of products that we should avoid. To this end, I am honored to be a consultant for Arbonne, a top of the line health and wellness company. Arbonne offers a wide range of products to care for your body inside and out.

There are so many reasons I stand behind the company and feel great recommending the products to my clients. To name a few, all Arbonne products are botanically based, never tested on animals, certified vegan, 3rd party tested, and free of parabens (known endocrine disruptors). I have been using the anti-aging line for almost a year and my skin looks and feels great! For more information about Arbonne and their product lines contact me at I'd love to meet and tell you more.