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Warrior Flow with Jennifer Oechsner

To be a warrior is to be strong in who you are, to live your truth. Finding your flow is all about finding your rhythm, your natural flow. Tapping into what you need to be the best version of yourself to live a full and happy life. Warrior-Flow was born from these principals.

Finding my flow comes from practicing martial arts and yoga, eating nourishing foods and sharing my crafts with others.

As a holistic nutritionist, yoga instructor, martial arts coach and personal trainer I tap into each area of expertise to help my clients find their Warrior-Flow.

My journey as a health professional began with my martial arts practice in my early 20s.  As soon as I took that first kickboxing class at my local gym, I was hooked. After years of practice and dedication under the direction of Sahnya Thom in Milwaukee, WI, I received my black belt in Taekwondo.  During this time I also took part in a few kickboxing matches. The intensity of these activites was taking its toll on my body, this is what led me to yoga. 

My yoga journey began slowly but I knew early on that something was shifting in me, my softer side was shining through. I became deeply connected to this practice and decided that this was another passion that I wanted to share. I made the decision to become a yoga instructor and in 2010 I traveled to Goa, India to make this dream a reality. I had the great pleasure of completing my 200hr teacher training with Himalaya Yoga Valley under the guidance of world renowned yoga master Yogacharya Lalit.  Over the years I came to see how yoga can help people of any age, physical ability, or circumstance. Yoga can help everyone heal, strengthen, and find peace. In my classes I aim to challenge my students. Sometimes that challenge is physical. Sometimes the challenge lies in finding the ability to remain still, allowing for rest and recuperation. In all of my yoga classes there is a strong focus on alignment and safety.  I encourage each student to practice to their individual level, and guide them to find it.

Part of living the best life we can is taking care of our bodies from the inside. I believe that food is medicine and how we eat has a strong impact on our quality of life. To learn more about how I could help others in this area I completed a Holistic Nutritional Counseling course through Portland Community College. 

A holistic view of wellness includes good nutrition, mental health, and consistent exercise.  In my professional practice, I weave all of these elements together to assist my clients in achieving optimal health and wellness. Contact me to set up a health consultation. Together, we will find your flow and guide you down the path to a fulfilling and health life.

Warrior Flow Retreats

Warrior-Flow retreats offer everything you need for the perfect getaway. I offer regional (Pacific Northwest) weekend retreats as well as longer international excursions. For each retreat I select a beautiful location to offer an ideal backdrop to relax into the experience.  Warrior-Flow retreats  include delicious and nourishing food, yoga, relaxation and sometimes even a bit of adventure. Massage for each attendee may be added to any retreat.  I am also available to design a private retreat for your company or a group of friends. Private groups can also opt to include nutrition counseling and group fitness.