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Faith, Hope & Confidence

Jennifer Oechsner

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My time in India thus far has been flush with adventure, exploration,  introspection and also some struggle. I am grateful for all of it. After all, some of the biggest lessons in life show themselves when we are in the midst of a battle. It can be hard to see clearly through the chaos but with careful and brave reflection I see the message the universe is sending. 

I'm going to share a secret, and even as I write it makes my palms sweat. I am fully aware that I am living a good life and I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. I have achieved a lot but I could be achieving so much more. Why do I think this? What is stopping me? Courage. The courage to fully believe in myself. I don't want this to come off as self-pity. I know that I have accomplished some great things but I also know that I am capable of more and the only way to greatness is on a path of courage and self-confidence. I also know that for most of us these qualities have to be cultivated. Over the years I have become more self assured and that shy and scared little girl I remember lives in the past (most of the time). However, I also know that I continue to get in my own way. Thankfully I have some awesome women in my life who are willing to call me on my shit and remind me of my greatness when I forget. 

To me,  important ingredients for confidence are faith and hope. Hope is defined as the feeling that what is wanted can be had. Faith is defined as trust in a person or thing that is not based on proof. This is the tricky part of confidence and what can paralyze action. If we only take action when we have proof that things will turn out as we like, then our actions will be few and our growth will be limited.

Through growth of my businesses I have learned that confidence comes with taking scary steps even when the outcome is unclear. Confidence comes when I have those tough conversations even when I would prefer to keep my mouth shut and accept what is before me. Confidence comes when I dare to dream big and take the actions I need to get there. I firmly believe that the magic in life lies just outside the comfort zone. This is part of why I travel, why I love triathlons and why run my own businesses. There are easier paths I could have chosen, but what fun is that?

One of my goals is to continue to explore this crazy world. While I know my family in the Midwest and my friends and trees in the Pacific Northwest will always draw me back, the explorer in me will always take me on adventures. Right now I am again at a fork in the road. As I contemplate the best route to choose it is important to keep in mind to remain confident in my abilities, have faith that I will make the best choice and remain hopeful that my path will continue to be one of growth. Stay tuned for what's next!