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Roaring at the Leo Moon

Jennifer Oechsner


Anyone who knows me well knows that I love my birthday. It's a day all for me to do whatever I want. It's a day to celebrate all that I have accomplished, all that I am and to set intentions for my next trip around the sun. It's a day of reflection. I always spend it doing things I love that empower me, surrounded by people I love.

Some of my favorite things about living in Portland are forest park and the rivers in and around the city. So I started my day with a long trail run and followed it up with a picnic and swim at the Columbia. We got a little lost on the run and ended up running much further than planned. Admittedly, I lost my cool and gave up on myself and my ability to make it through those last 4 miles. But then, I thought, I am Leo hear me roar and even though there were moments of walking, I made it through to the end. Although I have to say I have never been so happy to see a trial head as I was yesterday afternoon. The swim in the cool Columbia afterward was glorious and the picnic was perfect.

The time of the Leo moon is a time of power for me, a time for me to commit to big leaps. A time to think big. I'm excited to see how the next year unfolds.

As I celebrate the beginning of my 41st year and reflect back on past birthday celebrations here in Portland I am reminded how blessed I am. I have so many lovely souls to share my life with here. The strong women (and men) in my life inspire me, motivate me, and hold me up when I need it.  Every lion needs her pride, I'm blessed to have such a lovely one to share the upcoming weekend relaxing and celebrating at the Roaring River. I hope you all also have a fabulous summer weekend doing things that nourish your heart and soul.