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Fearlessness: the Path of the Garuda

Jennifer Oechsner

Last month I wrote about the path of the snow lion, the path to cultivating a joyful and meaningful life. This is one of four symbolic dignities that is part of the Shambhala tradition. This month I am drawn to the path of fearlessness. In Shambhala, this path is represented by the Garuda, a legendary Tibetan bird. It is said that the Garuda hatches from its egg full grown and soars into space with no limits. This symbolizes our ability to expand without limits, to go beyond preconceived limits wth nothing to obstruct our vast mind. Through harnessing the fearless nature of the Garuda we can release anxiety about how far we can go in our lives. 

It is easy to fall into the trap of self doubt. Our self-limiting belief systems prevent us from living up to our full potential. We doubt our abilities and strengths and tell ourselves that we are being "safe" or "logical" by perpetuating the status quo in our lives. What doubts can you release in your life? Fearlessness is not to live without fear, but to move and grow in spite of it. Move through it rather that running from it. Is it time to change jobs or careers? Is it time to let go of a relationship that has run its course? Is it time to climb that mountain you've only observed from afar? Is it time to travel? How can you enrich your current existence, move beyond fear and doubt and live the path of the Garuda? I would love to hear from you!

Let's support each other on this path.