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Breathe, Balance, Bliss

Jennifer Oechsner

As nature makes its way from summer to fall, I too find myself in a place of transition. Nature is graceful. The air become crisp, the days gradually grow shorter, and the leaves start to gently change color. My transition has been a bit bumpier. I have been in the process of moving to a new home, I'm sure that all of you can relate to all that this entails. There is always something to be done and it is easy to get caught up in the stress and lose grounding. In addition to all of the extra work on my plate, it is important for me to  ensure all of my private clients and yoga students who see me every week are still taken care of. Then there is self care; I need to find the time to take care of myself too. 

Mindfulness practice is vitally important to keep balance during times of chaos. The rhythm of life is in a constant state of fluctuation. Sometimes life feels spacious and calm, and other times life becomes more demanding and we take on a frantic energy that feels restrictive. The dance lies in how we maneuver.

When life is spacious do you become lazy or do you take the time to observe and reflect? When life becomes hectic do you live in a state of anxiety or do you strive for peace amidst the chaos? It is easy to get trapped in anxiety and stress. The only way out is to pause, breathe and take time to tap into what brings you balance.

A few months ago I wrote about finding your passion, what are YOU passionate about? Delving into this part of you is a great way to press pause and bring yourself back to a mindful state. Whether it be art, books, writing, yoga or music, taking a break to do what you love is an important part of self care. I am a big believer in the importance of this. Stress can weaken the immune system, take the nervous system into overdrive and cause tension in the body. Taking breaks when you need them, even for short periods of time is imperative to long term wellness.

Transitions are a challenging part of life that can test our resolve and patience. Taking time to breathe and find balance during these times of stress can help you to achieve moments of peace. Tap into your breath, find balance, create your bliss.