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Andrea Bailey / 30

"Spending a long weekend on a retreat with Jennifer was definitely one of the highlights of my year. She brought together a phenomenal group of people, planned for just the right balance of activity and downtime, and the meals - amazing. I loved that the yoga sessions were sometimes challenging and sometimes restorative, always creative and without any pretense. If you have a chance to join her on a retreat, just say yes." 

Chrissie Bishop / 30

"Jennifer is a yoga instructor and Certified Personal Trainer at the gym I belong to and her yoga classes are actually the principal reason that I joined I this particular gym. She has an incredible breadth of knowledge that spans anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, and of course yoga philosophy. Her ability to spot, correct, and offer modifications for improper alignment is unparalleled. I have the Chiari Malformation type 1 and hip anteversion (and also am a student of human physiology) and Jennifer is the only yoga instructor I implicitly trust to correct my alignment. If you are concerned with injuries, abnormal posture/malformations, alignment etc I can't recommend Jennifer more highly!" 

Britteny Demming / 34

"I have been drawn back to yoga thanks to Jennifer after a 8 year hiatus.  From the very first class I knew she was the patient, knowledgeable, sincere, light hearted, and genuine instructor I had been looking for.  As a beginner she really takes her time to walk you though each posture, encourages you when you get frustrated, and invites you think about your path to personal well being. She is perfect for the beginner but at the same time she has postures or alternatives for everyone- advanced students, people with injuries, etc. I have been taking her classes for 2 years (including 2 AMAZING yoga retreats) and I am so incredibly grateful that she has helped me become a more flexible, reflective, positive, and happy person" 

Christine Ellsworth / 33 

"Jennifer's Warrior Flow™ classes provide a lovely balance between martial art and yoga movements. I feel as though I get a full body workout, one which accommodates strength training, cardio and stretching. Warrior Flow™ challenges me to work through those combinations or poses I have been practicing while integrating learning new ones. My endurance has strengthened and my confidence in my movements continues to grow. Warrior Flow™ has become a consistent regimen in my fitness health that I recommend you consider adding to yours!"

Alysia Harris / 27 

"Jennifer is wonderful! In addition to possessing the experience to help me succeed, she is one of the most delightful folks I know. Having her as my fitness and nutritional advisor has paid HUGE dividends. She has helped me clean up my diet, build strength and lose weight. Thanks Jennifer!"

Rose Heritier / 38 

"I have been training with Jennifer for nearly a year now, and I could not recommend her more.  Her knowledge of yoga, nutrition, martial arts and fitness based exercise offers something for everybody.  We began together in the gym, and it wasn't long before the strength I gained transformed into confidence and lifted me out of the rut I had been in.  A few months later I absolutely rocked my highly anticipated festival vacation, looking amazing in my costumes and feeling like I could dance all night, because I did.  Later in the year I was faced with an unexpected, terrible loss.  Jennifer was there for me, shifting our time together into a healing yoga practice.  Her compassion and knowledge of how to unravel the trauma in my body have guided me through this very challenging time.  Our time together has been my therapy, both physical and spiritual.  I am very blessed to have her in my life every week."

Daphne Jenkins / 41

"I met Jennifer through her boxing classes at Studio X. The first Warrior Flow retreat I attended was a women's fall Equinox retreat held at the foot of beautiful Mt. Hood. In addition to leading group yoga classes, guided meditation and optional activities like making vision boards and journaling, Jennifer nourished us with an amazing menu featuring a healthy array of delicious foods. I came to the retreat knowing only Jennifer and left with new friendships and connections that continue to enrich my life. Since that first retreat I have gone to India with Jennifer on her Yoga and Trekking in the Himalayas trip and most recently attended a weekend retreat at Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. Jennifer's retreats strike the perfect balance of providing structured activities, nourishing food, pampering and free time to chillax. Warrior Flow retreats promise opportunities for new adventures, physical activities that promote health and happiness, and personal time for reconnecting with yourself. What more could I ask for? Jennifer is a fantastic yoga instructor, an excellent nutritionist, a supreme badass and all around inspiring person.

Michele Limpins / 47  

"I have been working with Jennifer for close to three years. During that time she has helped me identify and realize several goals tied to weight loss, becoming strong and fit and overall better health.  She has supported me with where I am in terms of readiness to make changes to my lifestyle in order to be healthier overall because realistically, our motivation for change ebbs and flows.  Jennifer looks at the whole picture: overall health, nutrition, physical activity level, and the amount of stress and self-care we have/create in our lives.  She offers suggestions and will provide structure as requested in order to support adjustments in any of those areas.  She has provided me with an arsenal of tools to use to continue my path to feeling healthy and strong." 

Tania Morris  /  Owner, Inner Oasis Essences, LLC

"I have been doing a regular yoga practice since our retreat, thanks to your encouragement to make adjustments for my sore wrist/elbow.  For some reason I felt that I needed to not do certain things because I was in pain but after the retreat I realized that the pain was there either way and I just needed to be gentle in the beginning while my body adjusted to the poses.  As a result of my 2 to 3 times a week yoga practice, I'm feeling much stronger and healthier.  My elbow still bothers me sometimes but not as much as before and serves as a gentle reminder not to push myself too hard.

Thank you for the relaxing retreat and your guidance that weekend.  It really made a difference for me in creating a much needed shift."

Ruby Ticzon / 31  

"I just had a birthday, and I feel like all I do is work and work out. I was thinking “I need a vacation!” That’s when a close friend of mine asked me to join her in this trip to India with Jennifer. I had been taking the boxing class with Jennifer for almost 7 months, but I had never really thought of traveling to India.  For some reason the excitement in my friend's voice and the fact that Jen will be leading this trip just kept me from thinking "why the heck not?!". I did my own little research and sat down with Jen with my questions and doubts with going to this trip. The thing with Jen is, she doesn't just answer your questions, she makes sure you fully understand the what, where, how and when. It literally just took me a couple of days to decide, and the answer was a glorifying "yes, I'm going to India!

So March 2014 came and a few thousand miles later, we finally landed in India. This by far is one of the most exciting, amazing and mesmerizing trip I had ever been a part off. First I was really impressed with the planning and the communication through out the whole trip. We landed, and our guide was there and ready to take us to our hotel. The guides were simply one of the nicest people you could ever ask for to lead your way into this beautiful country. We hiked and trekked the Himalayas for the first week, and I 'm pretty sure that took care of my work out routines for a good month or so! I've never seen so much beautiful scenery, explored such a  different, oh and off course enjoyed every single meal on this trip was amazing!  On the last leg of the trip we traveled around India by van to see the Taj Mahal, and the Golden Temple! Jen made sure we were always taken care off! So whenever I get asked, how was it? My simple reply is always "a beautiful madness" If you ever get a chance to do a retreat with Jen, I will, without doubt or hesitation tell you to, do yourself a favor and "GO DO IT!" It's an adventure that you will definitely remember for the rest of your life! I know I will!"

Leigh Torrence / 31  

"I went on the warrior-flow goddess retreat seeking a relaxing getaway weekend with a focus on self-care, and got that and much more. The trip was easy, fun, and most importantly, healing and educational. There were incredibly healthy, whole-food meals that were thoughtfully crafted and delicious. And the amount of yoga classes were just right, very meditative with a good balance of vigor and restoration. Jennifer is so fun to be around and she encourages me to challenge myself and better myself from a place of genuine compassion rather than competition and comparison and that translated pleasantly to the community of women on the retreat. The writing sessions were catalysts for personal development and understanding that helped me get to know myself better, where some great bonds were established, and some deeper questions were pondered and revealed. I would recommend this weekend retreat to any goddess seeking community, growth and self-care. I loved it!"

Emily White / 28

"I first met Jennifer at MeFitness in an evening yoga class in 2011. I found her energy and teaching style to be very welcoming, humble, talented and fun. She challenged me to continually further my practice and have fun along the way. I have often been on and off with my yoga practice but I feel like Jennifer activated a new sense of commitment and enthusiasm for yoga within me. By regularly attending her classes I was able to do more, stretch further and get into poses I didn't even know were possible. She is a joy to practice and learn with and is one of my favorite yoga teachers - ever. 

Jennifer has helped me achieve several goals in yoga including inversions such as head, shoulder and hand stands. These poses always intimidated me before but Jennifer provided the space and safe instruction to make these seem feasible. I also learned so much about breathing from her and have a fuller appreciation and understanding about types of breath and the importance of breathing throughout yoga practice."