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Warrior-Flow offers wholistic self-care events. Events include group cleanse workshops, yoga and nutrition, anatomy based yoga workshops and lectures on topics including Nutrition for Immune Health, Balancing the Digestive System and Healthy Hormone Balancing. 


Holistic Empowerment: Summer Series @ Eastbank Esplanade

Thursday Evenings, 6-7pm @ Eastbank Esplanade

Holistic Empowerment provides a recipe for health, mind and body.  It's about having fun with fitness, creating community and challenging yourself to make changes to live your best life, to be your best self. This series includes:

  • weekly workouts
  • weekly nutritional counseling including recipes
  • access to a private Facebook group
  • weekly coaching videos
  • bonus training video you can do any where

The cost of the program is $150. Bring a friend and you both attend for $269!

Half way through the program we will meet for a group cooking party. We will choose 3 recipes to cook together and you will go home with some of each to stock your fridge with healthy meals for a few days.

All new clients will receive a free health consultation to determine your goals and discuss any questions you may have about the program.

5 Week program starts Thursday June 29th, location details to follow.


Warrior-Flow @ Amana Yoga Boulder

Curious about trying out a kick-boxing or martial arts class? Looking to add some flair to your Vinyasa practice? 

Join me in this 2 hour workshop for my own unique, high-energy blend of yoga & martial arts! Through Warrior-Flow you will build strength and flexibility and also learn martial arts skills. This is not a combative practice but it will help you build confidence to walk down the street with your head held high. Warrior-Flow begins with sun salutations to warm the body. We then move into the skills practice and partner drills. The final section of the class combines traditional yoga poses with martial arts inspired movements for a fluid sequence, synchronizing breath and movement. 

Clean-Up @ Yoga Bhoga

This Summer Clean-Up is a great way to hit the reset button on your health. Summer vacations, happy hours and BBQs can mean a lot of overindulgence and a sluggish digestive system. This workshop will give you the tools you need to get back on track including a 10 day cleanse to help you feel lighter and healthier.


Warrior Flow Yoga Union

Warrior-Flow ™ is the creation of martial artist, yoga instructor and nutritionist, Jennifer Oechsner. In this class Jennifer combines the movements from various martial art forms and yoga for a dynamic, fun and energetic practice.

We will begin with yoga, followed by instruction on basic martial arts kicks, blocks and strikes. In the 3rd portion of the class you will combine those movements with asana for a fun and integrative fl ow. There will be no hand to hand contact at this workshop. No martial arts experience necessary. Jennifer will also provide you with 2 healthy recipes to take home as well as handouts explaining each of the strikes, blocks and kicks learned in the workshop.

Flow into Balance: Yoga & Nutrition for Gut Health @ Vibrant Studios

In the first part of this workshop guided individuals through a series of poses and breathing exercises that energize the body, stimulate the digestive system and encourage detoxification. The second part of the workshop was dedicated to a discussion on the importance of digestive health to promote balance in the body’s systems, something that easily falls to the wayside in our busy lives. We discussed how you can avoid common pitfalls as well as simple solutions to improve health. During the health discussion participants enjoyed healthy snacks, including home made fermented foods.